The Benefits of Using Outdoor Screens

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It’s nice to enjoy fresh air and being outside with our families. Summer is a great time for swimming, reading on the porch swing, or cooking out on your deck. However, summer also comes with some potentially dangerous or irritating natural elements that you might need help keeping out. Extensive UV rays, mosquitoes, and summer […]

Keeping You and Your Pets Safe From Mosquitoes with Mesh Screen Fabric

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When the weather’s warmer, it feels great to open windows and doors to let the breeze in and soak up the aromas of blossoming flowers and bask in the sunlight. But with the warmer weather comes some less-desirable elements that you don’t want to let in your home. Mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects can […]

The Best Insect and Pool Enclosure Screening Material

The outdoor temperature has just grown pleasant enough for you and your family to leave the doors and windows open, sit on the porch and swim the afternoon away. But this pleasant weather has come with the usual squadron of buzzing bugs ready to assault you. Fortunately, insect screening is an effective measure that allows […]

Mosquitoes: Summer’s Uninvited Guests

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Summer is coming, and that means it’s time for getting out of the house, even if it’s only as far as your screened-in porch, patio or deck. Warm days and cool nights make your outdoor space a perfect place to relax with breakfast and a cup of coffee or to have an intimate dinner party […]

4 Reasons A Durable Porch Screen Is Worth It

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With spring having arrived and summer just around the corner, homeowners are going to want to spend time relaxing on their porch in the nice breeze. However, unprotected porches leave you vulnerable to all manner of environmental hazards. The solution is to install an extremely durable, long-lasting Super Screen®. The proprietary mesh and flat spline […]

Why Switch? The Benefits of Super Screen

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With a variety of porch netting options available, one would wonder why they should choose one over the other. There are a lot of reasons why porch netting itself is a good idea, but Super Screen® has plenty of unique features that can make them the best option for your porch/pool area. Bug resistance Many […]

How To Get Your Porch Ready For Summer

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When the temperatures start rising, it means that you can finally start using your outdoor spaces again. Before you invite all of your friends and family for an afternoon spent on your sprawling porch or patio, you need to make sure it’s up to par. Use these tips to prepare your porch for the spring […]

What Kind Of Screen Repair Supplies Do I Need For My Outdoor Screen?

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Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities, including regular maintenance and repairs. After you install a great bug screen for patio use, a pool cage screen, or great porch screen rolls, you need to ensure they live up to the best of their ability. In order to maintain your screen mesh, you need […]

Prevent Bugs Around Your Pool Area With These Top Tips

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It’s easy to enjoy a calm and relaxing dip in your pool, but what’s not so easy is sharing your personal space with pesky mosquitoes. Unfortunately, without the right circumstances, bugs are inevitable. In fact, recent figures indicate that there are more than 200 million insects for each human on the planet. But there are […]

These Luxurious Elements Can Take Your Outdoor Pool/Patio to the Next Level

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Swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States, and the off-season is the perfect time to plan ahead and prepare for any improvements you want to make on your outdoor pool and lounge area. While a pool is undoubtedly elegant and comfortable on its own, it’s easier than you think to […]

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