Mosquitoes: Summer’s Uninvited Guests

porch mesh screening

porch mesh screening

Summer is coming, and that means it’s time for getting out of the house, even if it’s only as far as your screened-in porch, patio or deck. Warm days and cool nights make your outdoor space a perfect place to relax with breakfast and a cup of coffee or to have an intimate dinner party with friends. Along with summer comes an increase in the insect population and in particular, mosquitoes. These pests can become a real nuisance if they infiltrate your deck, patio or porch mesh screening. For homeowners, it’s important to make repairs to any window or door screen mesh material which may be damaged enough for mosquitoes to slip through.


The Health Hazards of Mosquitoes

Although the most common symptom of a mosquito bite is a raised, itchy bump, these insects are capable of carrying diseases that can result in serious health complications, and in some cases, death. Among the most common viruses that mosquitoes can spread to humans are Malaria, Zika, West Nile, and Dengue & Yellow Fevers. Out of those four, only Zika has no vaccine or cure, so prevention is the only option to stop from acquiring the disease.


Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay

Even within a screened environment like a porch, even the tiniest tear or hole in your porch mesh screening is enough for mosquitoes to get through. It is recommended that mosquito repellents be applied – like DEET and picaridin – which are the most effective. These repellents can also be diluted in water and applied to clothing for further protection. In addition, the use of citronella candles can help to keep mosquitoes away.

There are also other measures you can take around on the exterior of your deck, porch or patio screen mesh to prevent mosquitoes from gathering. First and foremost is to remove any standing water, say from plant pots. Standing water is prime breeding ground for these pests. Mosquito traps are another effective method to keep them from entering your living space.

Consider replacing your deck, patio or porch mesh screening with a product like Super Screen™ which can offer greater durability and bug screen protection over traditional screen mesh products, while still allowing plenty of sunlight and breeze through.


Super Screen™: The Ultimate Protection Against Mosquitoes

A good deck, patio or porch mesh screening is the most effective method to keep mosquitoes from entering in the first place and Super Screen™ is the perfect product to keep these annoying pests at bay. In addition to superior mosquito screens for decks, patios and porches, Super Screen™ fabric also offers exceptional durability, enhanced UV light protection, and resistance to wind damage and flying objects. Summer is here. Don’t let mosquitoes prevent you from taking advantage of the warmer weather. With taking just a few precautions, you’ll be ready to enjoy entertaining on your deck, patio or porch without having to deal with pesky and annoying mosquitoes.


4 Reasons A Durable Porch Screen Is Worth It

flat spline

flat spline

With spring having arrived and summer just around the corner, homeowners are going to want to spend time relaxing on their porch in the nice breeze. However, unprotected porches leave you vulnerable to all manner of environmental hazards. The solution is to install an extremely durable, long-lasting Super Screen™. The proprietary mesh and flat spline system used to secure the screen will serve your home reliably for years and years.

Conventional outdoor screens deteriorate much sooner than Super Screen™. After merely a few years, fiberglass screens grow brittle and delicate enough. They become seriously vulnerable to the elements in the process. The screen mesh material used to make Super Screen™ does not have these vulnerabilities. No matter the conditions, Super Screen™ and its round or flat splines will stay secure and resist tearing. When you install this highly durable screen system, you can enjoy four important benefits:

  1. They offer protection from pests
    Mosquitos are one of the most widespread and well-documented vectors of disease. Mosquitos are known to be particularly frequent carriers of malaria, a disease caused by a Plasmodium parasite that can cause pain, fever, gastrointestinal problems, and more. These parasites can inhabit a female mosquito’s gut, and enter any organism that the mosquito bites.
  2. They are storm-proof
    As any resident in the state of Florida can attest, hurricanes, tropical storms, or any other instances of high wind can wreak havoc on a property. Protect your family and your furniture with a screen that can withstand the forces of mother nature. The strength of Super Screen™, combined with its flexibility and resistance to tearing, means that airborne objects cannot pierce the mesh or rip it from its round or flat splines.
  3. They shelter you from harmful solar radiation
    Mesh is UV protective, as it blocks a percentage of damaging solar radiation. However, over time, traditional mesh materials can fade and lose effectiveness. Super Screen™ resists degradation from sun exposure, keeping its protective properties for many years.
  4. They are pet-friendly
    Nothing is worse than installing a big mesh screen, just to have your dog jump up on it and cause irreparable harm with its claws. The tear-resistance that makes Super Screen™ so resistant to storms also renders it immune to pet damage.

Call Super Screen™ today to order your screen and experience the benefits yourself.

Why Switch? The Benefits of Super Screen

porch netting

porch netting

With a variety of porch netting options available, one would wonder why they should choose one over the other. There are a lot of reasons why porch netting itself is a good idea, but Super Screen™ has plenty of unique features that can make them the best option for your porch/pool area.

Bug resistance

Many forms of porch netting have too much space exposed to advertise this, however in the case of Super Screen™, as advertised, the only thing that gets through the screen is the breeze. Keeping bugs out of your pool area is very important for several reasons. For one, many bugs like to congregate around the water and become a nuisance for those in and around the pool. Nobody wants to have to leave the pool or pool area because they are getting bitten up by bugs. Also, mosquitoes carry a lot of diseases like malaria and west Nile virus and, with more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes in existence, a variety of sizes must be stopped. If you have a member of your family with a compromised immune system, Super Screen™ can help keep them protected and by the pool, having fun with the rest of the family. Super Screen™ protects from bugs like no other patio screen.


Many porch netting options tear and get holes because of normal wear and tear and the weather. The makers of Super Screen™ pride their product on its durability. The makers of the product did a simulated seven year test and Super Screen™ lost only 1% of its tensile strength. Whether you are trying to keep objects like golf balls out(It is a golf ball proof screen), or just the normal elements, nothing lasts quite as long as Super Screen™, which also comes with a 10 year warranty. Fiberglass screen becomes frail after long exposure to the sun, making it more susceptible to elements (Like wind, rain, or hail) or projectiles (Like golf balls) that might cause it to break.

Resistance to Mildew

One problem with anything long-standing close to a pool or other water source is mildew. With many porch netting options available, mildew can become an odor problem and health hazard. However, Super Screen™ has something that no other screen mech material does: biocide treatment. The biocide compound used in Super Screen fights mildew and does not allow for buildup, so do not worry about your Super Screen™ getting too wet.

Dog and Cat Resistance

Dogs love to be around where all the fun is being had, and cats can be very curious. No matter how big of a pet lover you may be, they can cause damage to many things in and outside of your house, including screens for pools. Your overexcited dog or overly curious cat might be able to damage many things, but not Super Screen™! Many pet owners who have switched from other porch netting options have noticed an immediate improvement in the fact that there are no visible claw marks on their Super Screen™, even when their pets have been curiously pawing at them. Super Screen™ can give you the peace of mind that both your pets and your porch netting will be safe.

UV Resistance

Many porch netting options available will become bleached by the ultraviolet light from the sun, but not Super Screen™. Super Screen™ is built to be UV resistant and will hold its vibrant color for years.

Regardless of your choice for the many uses for Super Screen™, many say that it will be the best porch netting option available to you. Consider visiting their website for more information including pricing. Whether you are replacing your porch netting or are choosing one for your new construction, consider Super Screen™! Many customers tell you that you will not be disappointed.

How To Get Your Porch Ready For Summer

porch netting

porch netting

When the temperatures start rising, it means that you can finally start using your outdoor spaces again. Before you invite all of your friends and family for an afternoon spent on your sprawling porch or patio, you need to make sure it’s up to par. Use these tips to prepare your porch for the spring and summer and you’ll give your guests a party to remember.

Spray it down

While you were cozied up inside during the winter, your porch was enduring all kinds of natural elements. Erase the effects of the harsh weather by giving your outdoor space a good scrub. Break out the hose, a bucket, and an all-natural cleaner to make the floors of your porch or patio look like new again. Remember to spray the ceiling as well to get rid of any cobwebs or nests up there. To make sure that your space is really sparkling, wash the windows around the area and give any furniture in the space a good scrub as well.

Invest in porch netting

Few things ruin a summer party more than pesky mosquitoes getting into the personal bubbles of your guests. But mosquitoes aren’t the only party crashing culprits. Recent estimates indicate that there are over 200 million insects for each human on the planet. Keep out all of these bugs by putting up porch netting around your outdoor space. Made of mesh screen fabric, porch netting has minuscule holes to keep all types of insects from ruining your get-together. This screen mesh material is also ideal for enclosing pools, ensuring that any summer swimmers aren’t eaten up by mosquitoes.

Dress up the space

If you want to make your outdoor space feel as comfortable as your indoor, the best way to do that is to bring those same decorative touches into your porch design. These touches can be almost anything you want, from flowy outdoor curtains to bold throw pillows. You can also add potted plants to your outdoor space to make the area still feel like part of the outdoors. For a final touch, make sure you have enough lighting to keep the party going when the sun sets.

The summer is right around the corner and there is no better time to start preparing than right now. Start your prep work by contacting Super Screen™ to learn more about porch and patio screens that will transform your outdoor space.

What Kind Of Screen Repair Supplies Do I Need For My Outdoor Screen?

flat spline

flat splineOwning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities, including regular maintenance and repairs. After you install a great bug screen for patio use, a pool cage screen, or great porch screen rolls, you need to ensure they live up to the best of their ability.

In order to maintain your screen mesh, you need the best window screen supplies to assure you get the job done right. Here are just some of the most common products that can help improve the quality of your screens.

A spline

Whether you need a flat spline or a round spline is up to you, but you will definitely need to purchase these handy maintenance tools. A round or flat spline is a type of vinyl cording that helps to keep your screen in place following installation. This flexible material is able to take on a lot of damage before breaking, but it’s common that you’ll need a new spline when you replace your porch screen. When you need to replace your flat spline, you will need another great product…

A strip-it screen tool

A strip-it screen tool is a type of metal hook designed to remove screen splines. In other capacities, this handy tool is also used to hook items and remove springs. Regardless, replacing a worn-out screen is made all the easier with a screen tool that strips away the screen spline. It will help you to finish the job both quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in the process.

A double wheel screen roller

This is one of the most popular tools throughout the screening industry. Without it, you may never be able to install a quality fiberglass screen into your window frame. Paired with a vinyl flat spline, it has never been easier to install and maintain sections of your porch screen. It not only navigates between those tight, hard-to-reach spaces, but it ensures that the job is easy to perform thanks to their smooth application. This is primarily thanks to the innovative wheel design that provides a steady rolling application.

Screens are necessary for a variety of activities. Even a single hole in your bug screen can let in one of the 3,000 species of mosquito present throughout the world. When you want the best screen repair supplies on the market, rely on a business you can trust; with Super-Screen, you never have to worry about fixing the damage to your pool enclosure screen material. Contact us today for more information on what window screen supplies can help maintain your home.

Prevent Bugs Around Your Pool Area With These Top Tips

types of screen for porches

types of screen for porchesIt’s easy to enjoy a calm and relaxing dip in your pool, but what’s not so easy is sharing your personal space with pesky mosquitoes. Unfortunately, without the right circumstances, bugs are inevitable. In fact, recent figures indicate that there are more than 200 million insects for each human on the planet. But there are some steps you can take to limit your exposure to insects when you’re just trying to enjoy your pool, porch, or backyard space. Here are just a few expert tips to help keep mosquitoes and bugs at bay in your backyard.

Remove Standing Water

Many people underestimate the effects that excess standing water can have on the number of bugs invading your space. But puddles and other stagnant waters can become breeding grounds for all types of insects:

“Make sure there’s no standing water anywhere — on toys left out on the lawn, plates under your flowerpots or garbage in an open can. Ponds, kiddie pools and improperly drained yards can also attract mosquitoes…do your best to drain any standing water in the yard, empty kiddie pools or buckets and keep your guests away from ponds or other permanent freshwater sources. One watery area you don’t have to worry about, though, is your swimming pool — as long as it’s chlorinated and the filter is working, mosquitoes will buzz right on by,” says Good Housekeeping.

Set Up Citronella Lanterns

It’s also a good idea to set up a series of low-cost mosquito lanterns around your pool or yard. Mosquitoes use exhaled carbon dioxide, body odors and temperature, and movement to home in on their victims. Citronella is just one substance that keeps bugs away. Don’t hesitate to use traditional bug spray as well.

Invest in Fiberglass Screens

Finally, the most permanent option is installing pool screens around the area. There are many different types of screen for porches, and most of them can keep bugs out entirely, providing you with a truly relaxing outdoor entertainment space.

Ultimately, keeping pests at bay is the key to maximizing the versatility and overall enjoyability of any outdoor entertainment space. For more information about the types of screen for porches and pools, contact Super Screen.

These Luxurious Elements Can Take Your Outdoor Pool/Patio to the Next Level

bug screen for patio

bug screen for patio

Swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States, and the off-season is the perfect time to plan ahead and prepare for any improvements you want to make on your outdoor pool and lounge area. While a pool is undoubtedly elegant and comfortable on its own, it’s easier than you think to implement some luxurious features that create a relaxing and enjoyable space for you and your guests all season long. Here are just two elements to consider incorporating into your pool or patio area to bring it to the next level of elegance and luxury.


Many of the most luxurious and high-end pool houses are equipped with full kitchens for guest convenience. If this is your plan, you’ll have to think carefully about the type of appliances as well as the overall layout of the space. It will also need to be fully stocked with the essentials for spending a hot day at the pool:

“Your luxurious pool house essentials aren’t very different from the essentials you need in your main house. First of all, a fully-equipped kitchen is an absolute must, so make sure to get at least one stylish fridge and fill it up with fresh fruits and veggies, bottled water, and wine (obviously). Porcelain dinnerware is also an essential part of any luxurious kitchen, which is why you shouldn’t skip it either,” writes Ron Wolf on Love Happens Mag.

Screen Enclosure

If you don’t feel as though a screen enclosure is necessary, think again. Warm evenings spent at the pool will get you swarmed with mosquitos unless your pool area is properly equipped with a bug screen for patio and pool enclosures. After all, mosquitoes use exhaled carbon dioxide, body odors and temperature, and movement to home in on their victims. Mosquitoes don’t quite fit in with the theme of elegance and luxury, so keep them out by investing in the right fiberglass screens and pool enclosure screen material.

According to a U.S. Department of Commerce report, furniture and home furnishings store sales totaled $9.51 billion in June 2017, up from $9.27 billion in June 2016, and it’s important to carefully consider your plans before making them final and getting the redesign process started. For more information about buying a bug screen for patio and pool enclosures, contact Super Screen™.

What Are The Best Types Of Screens For Porches?

porch screen rolls

porch screen rollsChoosing the right screen porch is essential if you want to enjoy fun in the sun without the nuisances that bugs and debris might bring to porch or patio. If you’re thinking about getting a new screen for your porch, patio, or even your pool, here are some of the most popular options — and why one stands out among the rest.


Aluminum is a popular type of porch screen rolls you’ll see for the savvy spender. This is a lightweight, but strong material that can be easily cut with scissors or other hand tools for the perfect size.


Copper porch screen rolls are a more expensive option for a household that doesn’t mind a little upkeep. Eventually, copper patio screens will lose their color and need some love and care to get their shine back. Installing them as a pool screen might speed up this process since water promotes oxidation in most metals. While they might be a good option for screen porch meshes, they’re not the best for every occasion.


Brass is even better than copper when it comes to tensile strength and longevity, but they’re not equipped to handle salt water moisture in the air. This makes them a bad choice for coastal towns or particularly humid environments.


Fiberglass is the most common type of porch screen rolls thanks to their versatility in every environment. Fiberglass screens make the perfect bug screen for your new patio when you want to spend leisurely nights enjoying the outdoors. They’re also the perfect mesh screen fabric for pools, especially if you hate dredging mosquitos from your pool. There are over 3,000 different species of mosquito that can wreak havoc on your evenings without the best patio bug screen.

On top of that, fiberglass screens are available in a variety of colors to match the exterior of your home with ease. And when you need to make a repair in the mesh, screen repair supplies can fix any problem quickly and efficiently.

When you’re looking for the best mesh screen fabric to keep bugs and debris out of your patio, visit Super-Screen online today. We offer the best porch screen rolls to suit any patio, pool, or porch that hates bugs. Get the best window screen supplies by visiting us online at today!

Exploring the Benefits of Fiberglass Screening For Your Pool and Patio

fiberglass screen

fiberglass screen

The Freedonia Group forecasts household furnishings demand to reach $34.9 billion in 2021, and homeowners continue to find new and innovative ways to make their dwellings bright and comfortable. But let’s face it — dealing with the elements isn’t always easy, especially when creating a cozy outdoor entertainment space around your deck, pool, or patio. Many times, fiberglass screening is the element that takes any outdoor entertainment area to the next level of comfort and relaxation. Here are just a few top benefits that only the right pool or patio screening can provide.


Keep Insects Away


If you’ve ever tried to enjoy a late-night drink on your patio or take an evening dip in your pool, you’re probably familiar with the irritation and persistence of mosquitos and other annoying pests. In fact, recent figures indicate that there are more than 200 million insects for each human on the planet. But mesh and fiberglass screens can help you stay bug-free all day and night.


Provide Durable Layer of Protection


If you’d like to be able to enjoy your outdoor living space in a wider range of weather conditions, a durable fiberglass screen can help. It provides a strong barrier of protection, encapsulating your pool or patio area and keeping it strong against various rainy and windy conditions. A truly durable fiberglass patio or pool screen will essentially turn the area into something resembling a three-season room, where you can put your feet up and relax at almost any time of the year.


Floor and Furniture Protection


Finally, if your patio area has a high-end set of furniture that the sun could damage, a fiberglass screen can help limit the fading effects. In a pool area, the sun will still provide warmth while letting in just the right amount of light, keeping the area bright while reducing the effects of harmful UV rays on your furniture and your skin.


Ultimately, fiberglass screening can turn your outdoor entertainment area into a space that’s more versatile and comfortable than you ever thought possible. For more information about the various types of screen for porches, pools, and patios, contact Super Screen™.