It all started with an idea…

Over 20 years ago, our founder had a thought: what if mesh screen could last longer than the aluminum pool cage?

From there, he began to plan and develop, and the rest is history!

Stories of Happy Customers

“Just wanted to pass along some feedback – one of our customers in Louisiana had previously purchased several rolls of Super Screen® for her porch and even after taking on 163 mph windows from Ida, the screen mesh survived.”

Andrew L. – Colorado

“After the recent hurricane, the only thing not damaged outside our home was our Super Screen®. The house had severe damage and our trees were destroyed. It was an unbelievable sight.”

Pat H., Mississippi

“I got my Super Screen® and am at this time putting it up. WHAT a product!!!! Much more than what I had expected! It is like we have a new house. My wife is amazed! Can’t say enough good things about it! I can say this is this first time I have bought a product that lived up to and beyond its advertising!! I am a very happy customer! Thank you very much.”

Dennis A.

“Our greenhouse caught more golf balls than the sand trap! My husband covered the top and side with Super Screen®. No more broken light panes now!!”

Anne Hadokin – Atlanta, GA

“We replaced our old screening which had been torn up by squirrels with Super Screen®. So far, we are quite pleased. It looks great and went up easily.”

Jackalie B.

“We have two cats that continually tore our screen door to shreds until we re-screened with Super Screen®!!! This product is fantastic!!!”

T. Stockton – Ft. Myers, FL

“Super Screen® is amazing!! We are extremely happy with the product!”

Hunter D.

“We love our Super Screen®!”

David An Dwyla

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