Super Screen™ Next Generation

New & Improved

The second generation of Super Screen™ has better visibility. It's stronger and more durable, carcinogen-free, pet resistant and comes with a 10 year warranty. What you get with Super Screen™ second generation is quality, longevity and value. You may never have to re-screen again. Don't purchase a knock-off. Be sure to look for the gold line and the gold seal.

Super Screen™

The Screen That Lasts and Lasts and Lasts

After more than a decade Florida Sales and Marketing is proud to introduce the 2nd generation of our new and improved Super Screen™, the most advanced technology available in outdoor screen enclosures. Next generation Super Screen™ is easier to work with, stronger, more pliable and easier to roll in spline applications.

Super Screens™ extreme toughness and long lasting durability make it the preferred choice for pool, patio, and screen enclosures. This is truly the screen that lasts and lasts and lasts. The advanced technology of Super Screen™ specially formulated extrusion process outlasts fiberglass screen while its advanced polymer formula defies deterioration. Super Screen™ UV tolerant properties help it not only retain its color and strength, it prevents and protects from fading and flaking common in fiberglass screens.

Improved Visibility

Pet & Pest Resistant

Golf Ball Resistant

UV Protective

Insect Control

10 Year Warranty

Featured Products

Super Screen™ comes in two mesh sizes

17/14 mesh for protection with the clearest view.  17/20 mesh protects from the smallest insects while still maintaining a view with little to no distortion.  Both mesh sizes block a proportional amount of UV rays.

Click here for more details about mesh sizes.

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Mary A. | Port Charlotte, FL

The hurricane damaged everything around our home except our pool cage that we had screened with Super Screen™. The top of the cage even held up to fallen tree branches.