Flat Spline

Flat Screen Spline

Flat screen spline from Super Screen® ensures that your screen stays putScreen spline is essential to complete any mesh window screen jobit’s the “glue” that securely holds your screen in the window frame. Whether you need to change out corroded spline or rescreen windows, our durable, long-lasting flat spline is guaranteed to keep your mesh window screen in place for years down the roadSuper Screen® products are unmatched. Available in 100-ft rolls, order flat screen spline for your next mesh window screen project. If you have any questions about our flat spline or need a second opinioncontact our team at your earliest convenience!

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  • 300 Flat Spline

    $0.06 /ft ($5.69 per 100ft)
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  • 315 Flat Spline

    $0.06 /ft ($5.69 per 100ft)
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