How to Choose the Perfect Pool Enclosure

pool screen

pool screenIf you think that seven billion people on Earth is a lot, think about this: for every one person, there are more than 200 insects. That’s a lot!

Unfortunately for pool owners, it can seem like the entire population of the world’s insects target your pool as a place to hang out. Besides making it hard to enjoy your pool with your friends and family, it makes cleaning even more of a chore.

This is just one reason why you should protect your pool with a high-quality pool screen and enclosure. Pool enclosures help to prevent dirt, debris, and bugs from getting stuck in your pool and harming your guests. But that isn’t all pool screens are good for: they also add an element of safety for pets and children, preventing them from wandering off.

Of course, there’s no “one size fits all” option when it comes to choosing that right screens for pools. There are certain factors you will need to consider when you set one up, including your personal budget and lifestyle preferences. The following will help you get started.

Choose High-Quality Materials

By choosing a pool enclosure made with top-quality materials, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your enclosure for years to come. Unlike conventional fiberglass screens, Super Screen™ won’t become brittle and breakable after a few years. It retains its flexibility and its strength, year after year. In fact, after a seven-year weathering simulation test, it only showed a 1% loss in tensile strength.

Additionally, Super Screen™ has UV-tolerant properties which prevent fading over time, so the color your pool screen comes in is the color it’s going to stay. That way, there’s no need to worry that the sun will bleach out its color.

Super Screen™ isn’t even susceptible to damage from hyper pets. Customers of Super Screen™ say they can’t see claw marks on their pool screens. Many other enclosures are not that durable.

Finally, the mesh screen material used in Super Screen™ features a biocide compound which helps prevent mildew growth. Anyone who has ever experienced mildew damage on their property can attest to the damage it can cause. Forget about the threat of mildew by trusting in a pool screen that stands the test of time.

Inspect Your Surroundings

Before you begin any kind of property enhancement, you should always inspect the environment around your home. Ask yourself how installing a pool enclosure will change the look and feel of your yard, both for you and your neighbors.

In some cases, plants or garden decorations will need to be removed and relocated to make room for the new enclosure. On the other hand, with new structures come new opportunities to renovate your house and yard in other ways.

Depending on how close your nearest neighbors are, you may want to consider how installing a pool enclosure will affect their experience of their yard. While this isn’t usually an issue, it’s still polite to let your neighbors know when you invest in any major updates to your yard.

Consult With Experts

Did you know that many realtors agree that a high-quality pool enclosure will add value and interest to a property? This means a pool enclosure would be an investment in your home, especially if you think you might sell it in the future.

Additionally, many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners with pool enclosures because of the added safety and security they provide. People with experience in housing and real estate know that good pool enclosures are a safe and valuable investment.

Know What Maintenance Is Involved

As with most aspects around the home, proper maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity and continued sturdiness of your pool screen. While Super Screen™ is designed to last a very long time, there are still maintenance tasks to perform regularly to keep it looking and performing its best.

Pool enclosures typically involve routine inspection of the screen, fasteners, and other equipment making up the structure. While this is important for maintaining the integrity of any structure, it really isn’t a severe commitment. Your pool enclosure shouldn’t require that much maintenance besides an occasional checkup.

Are you ready to invest in quality pool screens? Rely on Super-Screen to transform your home into the oasis you’ve always wanted.

How to Make Your Backyard Safe from Mosquitoes

Pool and patio screen mesh

Pool and patio screen mesh

Spending time outdoors is one of the best parts of summer, especially if you have a sizable backyard. Swimming, cooking out, having family dinners on the patio, and having a bonfire are all great activities. These activities can become less exciting though when you’re dealing with mosquitoes. Those irritating little bugs not only make your skin itchy and buzz in your ears, but they can carry dangerous diseases.

There are ways to protect your backyard and your family from mosquitoes. With the help of these preventative measures, you can enjoy your outdoor time without worry. To keep them out of your backyard, try some of these tips.

1. Pool and Patio Screen Mesh

If you like to spend time on your patio, a good way to make it bug-free is with a patio screen. This screen encloses your patio so bugs can’t get in but still allows you to see out. You can still enjoy a nice view and the breeze without having to worry about getting poked by a mosquito. These screens are also designed to stand up to bad weather, so you don’t have to worry about any holes being punched in them during a storm.

You can also get pool screens to protect your outdoor pool. You can go swimming without worrying about bugs bothering you or getting into your water. These screens are also durable and can stand up to bad weather as well as your animals and kids. Pool and patio screen mesh should be one of your first choices for eliminating problems with mosquitoes.

2. Citronella Oil

Another great way to combat mosquitoes is with citronella oil. This is a natural substance that is known to repel bugs. It’s safe for you and your family, but mosquitoes aren’t a big fan of it. By releasing the scent of citronella into the air, you can discourage bugs from coming near the space you are occupying.

There are multiple forms of this bug protection. The one that you choose depends on where you need it and how long you need it for. One great option for patios, and even pools, is citronella torches. These let off a safe amount of scented smoke that will keep bugs away. You can also buy it in the form of candles that you can put on your patio table.

3. Mosquito Traps

You can also utilize mosquito traps to make your backyard more enjoyable. There are different kinds of traps that lure the insects in, and then kill them. This is a nice choice because it actually gets rid of the mosquitoes rather than just repelling them. You can place them on the outside of your patio or outside the pool.

This is not a guaranteed solution though, because the traps are often small and only cover certain areas. It may take multiple of these traps spread out around your yard to be truly effective.

All of the options are great for cutting back on the number of bugs you have to deal with outside. However, pool and patio screen mesh is going to be the most effective. This is because it stops the bugs from getting in altogether. You can buy this mesh with small enough holes that it will prevent mosquitoes from getting to you and your family while you try to relax this summer.

Why It’s Important to Protect Against Mosquitoes

One of the most frustrating parts of summer, or living in a consistently hot and humid area, is dealing with mosquitoes. They are a huge nuisance and can also be very dangerous. There are ways to protect against them with the help of pool cage screens, patio screens, bug spray, bug repellent candles, and more. However, it is still wise to educate yourself on the dangers of mosquitoes and why it is so important to protect yourself against them.

They Are Irritating

One thing that everyone knows about mosquitoes is that they are irritating. The buzz around your head near your ears, they tickle your skin, and they leave you with annoying, itchy bumps everywhere. This is generally enough reason on its own to utilize protection against mosquitoes. You can use pool cage screens to keep them out while you swim outdoors or a bug screen for your patio. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of being outside without having to deal with the agitation that comes along with mosquitoes.

They Spread Diseases

An even bigger reason to keep mosquitoes out is that they can carry a variety of diseases. This includes ones like malaria, yellow fever, and the West Nile virus. These can be deadly and aren’t something you want to take chances with. Keeping mosquitoes out with the right screen mesh is the best way to assure that they don’t pass one of these diseases on to you.

You Might Be Allergic

Most people are mildly allergic to mosquito bites, which is why they get raised, red, and itchy. However, some people are more allergic than others. It is possible for some people to experience intense pain and even fevers after receiving a mosquito bite. This is a rare occurrence, but when you have children it’s often better to be safe than sorry. Chances are you know by now if you are severely allergic or not, but perhaps you haven’t found out if your children are. You can keep them safe with pool cage screens and patio bug screens.

For the most part, mosquitoes are just a giant nuisance. They aren’t usually overly dangerous and tend to just leave irritating bites behind. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Using proper protective measures during the hotter parts of the year can potentially save your life.

The Best Insect and Pool Enclosure Screening Material

The outdoor temperature has just grown pleasant enough for you and your family to leave the doors and windows open, sit on the porch and swim the afternoon away. But this pleasant weather has come with the usual squadron of buzzing bugs ready to assault you. Fortunately, insect screening is an effective measure that allows you to maintain an open-door policy while keeping bugs away.

According to studies, there are more than 200 million insects for each human on the planet. This figure surprises people as much as the knowledge that there is more than one screen mesh material you can use to keep bugs away. Here the top material to consider for your pool and to keep insects at bay.

    1. Phifer screens: When looking for pool enclosure screen material, this is one of the best to consider in your search. An aluminum pool enclosure screen material may have a sturdy frame, but a screening enclosure is only as good as the screening installed. Phifer offers the best bug screen patio and pool screen, and it provides several choices to choose from depending on your needs. Mosquito screens for decks, for example, offer a tightly woven mesh that keeps small bugs out of your pool.
    2. Brass, copper, bronze and stainless-steel screening: You can easily get screamingly made from bronze, which is a combination of 90 percent copper and 10 percent zinc. Bronze has a golden shine while copper, bronze, and brass eventually take on a verdigris patina. Whether used a pool screening material or not, brass, bronze, and copper should not be used on aluminum screen door frames. The two metals will collide and causing corrosion.
    3. Aluminum insect screening: This is a rugged metal mesh that is more durable than vinyl. It dents and creases easily, which doesn’t make it the best material to use. Aluminum screening comes in black, charcoal, and bright aluminum. The least noticeable from inside the house is black because of the less light reflectance and glare that come with charcoal and bright aluminum. It is best used with aluminum or wood windows, doors and enclosures such as pools.
    4. Fiberglass insect screening: Fiberglass is the most common screening material. It’s loved by many because it does not corrode, rust or stain. This makes it perfect for fiberglass patio and pool screen rolls. The disadvantage of this material is that it stretches and tears easily than aluminum. Fiberglass screens are perfect for the ultimate viewing clarity. It has a very tight weave that keeps insects out but slightly reduces the light transmission and breezes. It is, however, one of the best pool enclosure screen material in the market.

Swimming, the fourth most popular sport in the United States has seen many homes adopt a pool. If you house one in your backyard, you must use the appropriate pool enclosure screen material to keep bugs out of your pool. Screening increases the aesthetic value of the pool but also makes the pool for functional and safe to use.

Just Keep Swimming (With Sun Protection): Key Ways To Protect Your Skin While In The Pool

pool screen

pool screen

Parents around the country have been telling their children to apply sunscreen before going outside for generations, but this repetition doesn’t lessen its importance. When you expose your skin to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, you develop an increased risk of skin cancer.

While swimming is a beloved summer pastime and the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States, the reflective nature of the water and concrete or tiled deck surfaces puts your skin at even greater risk. Learn these important strategies for protecting your vulnerable skin from the sun and your entire family can have fun while staying safe this summer.

Generously apply sunscreen

Just as your parents told you, sunscreen is the best defense against the sun’s UV rays. Use a water-resistant, broad spectrum sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher. Apply about one ounce of your protective sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours or right after swimming. For reference, one ounce of sunscreen is about equal to the size of a golf ball. Be sure to apply it before you put on your bathing suit to avoid missing spots. Teaching your kids these techniques is important for their skin care as well, as they can use them for the rest of their lives.

Install a pool screen

Another great solution to protect your entire family from the sun’s rays is to invest in pool screens. While the screen mesh material will still let in plenty of sunlight, it will prevent it from directly hitting your skin. Anyone using the pool during the day should still apply sunscreen to ensure that they don’t get a sunburn, but a pool screen will provide constant shade and help keep the pool area cool. Screens for pools are also helpful in keeping out pesky bugs that tend to buzz around the water.

Cover up

If you prefer to spend your time next to the pool rather than inside of it, be sure to not expose too much skin. Wear protective clothing that protects your skin while allowing it to breathe. You should also wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head and UV-blocking sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from harmful rays. Those in the pool can still wear swim shirts or rash guards and pick out one-piece suits or long trunks that cover more skin.

With the proper protection, you can enjoy the warm summer sun while dodging the dangers of its rays. Take the first step in protecting your entire family by contacting Super Screen™ today to learn more about pool and patio screen mesh.

3 Ways A Pool Screen Will Improve Your Outdoor Experience

pool screens

pool screensYour outdoor pool is your retreat from a hectic life full of responsibilities. However, you too often find this retreat ruined by pesky bugs and nosy neighbors. The solution to your poolside problems is a simple pool screen. Pool enclosure screen material is made to surround your outdoor pool, essentially creating a private room around it. If you aren’t sold on the concept yet, read on to discover the key ways a pool screen can turn your simple backyard into a pool paradise.

  1. Provides shade
    Screens for pools certainly still let in plenty of sunlight, but they work wonders at preventing direct sun from shining on you. While you may be by the poolside to catch those rays, you don’t want intense sunlight on your skin for too long. Even with sunscreen on, direct sun can damage your skin in the long term. For those who want to be outside but become uncomfortable if they’re in the sun for too long, pool screens are the perfect solution. You can relax in the comfort of shade while still feeling the sun’s warmth.
  2. Keeps out bothersome bugs
    With the beautiful outdoors come not-so-beautiful bugs. Pesky insects like mosquitoes can quickly ruin your relaxing poolside vigil. They’re even more inconvenient when you’re trying to throw a pool party and your guests have to dodge the flying terrors. Mosquitoes target their victims by using exhaled carbon dioxide, body odors and temperature, and movement. Even the best bug spray may not cover these tempting qualities for any nearby mosquitos. Screens for pools provide much better coverage than any spray-on solution, as they stop bugs before they can come close to your pool.
  3. Gives you more privacy
    Four walls are always going to give you more privacy than none. By enclosing your pool with screens, you’re essentially creating another room of your home. It can become a personal space to which family members can retreat as well as a perfect spot to gather together for some quality fun. No matter how many people are using the pool, you won’t have the eyes of watchful neighbors on you while you use it.

Creating the perfect outdoor getaway becomes a breeze when you consider what mesh screens can do for you. Contact us today to find your solution to pool enclosures.