3 Ways A Pool Screen Will Improve Your Outdoor Experience

pool screensYour outdoor pool is your retreat from a hectic life full of responsibilities. However, you too often find this retreat ruined by pesky bugs and nosy neighbors. The solution to your poolside problems is a simple pool screen. Pool enclosure screen material is made to surround your outdoor pool, essentially creating a private room around it. If you aren’t sold on the concept yet, read on to discover the key ways a pool screen can turn your simple backyard into a pool paradise.

  1. Provides shade
    Screens for pools certainly still let in plenty of sunlight, but they work wonders at preventing direct sun from shining on you. While you may be by the poolside to catch those rays, you don’t want intense sunlight on your skin for too long. Even with sunscreen on, direct sun can damage your skin in the long term. For those who want to be outside but become uncomfortable if they’re in the sun for too long, pool screens are the perfect solution. You can relax in the comfort of shade while still feeling the sun’s warmth.
  2. Keeps out bothersome bugs
    With the beautiful outdoors come not-so-beautiful bugs. Pesky insects like mosquitoes can quickly ruin your relaxing poolside vigil. They’re even more inconvenient when you’re trying to throw a pool party and your guests have to dodge the flying terrors. Mosquitoes target their victims by using exhaled carbon dioxide, body odors and temperature, and movement. Even the best bug spray may not cover these tempting qualities for any nearby mosquitos. Screens for pools provide much better coverage than any spray-on solution, as they stop bugs before they can come close to your pool.
  3. Gives you more privacy
    Four walls are always going to give you more privacy than none. By enclosing your pool with screens, you’re essentially creating another room of your home. It can become a personal space to which family members can retreat as well as a perfect spot to gather together for some quality fun. No matter how many people are using the pool, you won’t have the eyes of watchful neighbors on you while you use it.

Creating the perfect outdoor getaway becomes a breeze when you consider what mesh screens can do for you. Contact us today to find your solution to pool enclosures.

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