It all starts with a simple question: Do you want the best?

Super Screen™ defies deterioration!  In a simulated seven year weathering test, this amazing composition lost only 1% of its original strength.

No other screen including fiberglass screen can compare to Super Screen™.

Normal fiberglass screen becomes hard and brittle after 2 to 3 years to the point that it can easily be damaged by flying objects, pets, etc.  Within 5 to 7 years, a strong gust of wind can tear fiberglass screen to shreds.

porch nettingLasting Durability   Unlike fiberglass screen that becomes hard and brittle after a couple of years of exposure to sunlight, Super Screen™ retains flexibility year after year.  After a seven year weathering test, Super Screen™ lost only 1% of its tensile strength.  This alone is amazing!

Will Not Fade   The UV tolerant properties of Super Screen™ reveal themselves in the form of unsurpassed color retention, longevity, and filtering characteristics.  With Super Screen™, extended exposure to the sun will not result in the bleaching, flaking, and fading, like other screens – which means it will look newer longer and save on maintenance.

Mildew Resistant   Super Screen™ fabric includes a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, yielding longer lasting beauty from the fabric.  No other pool screen, porch screen or patio screen can claim this.

No More Pet Damage   Repairs to screen doors, patios, pool cages and porch screens are often a continual expense to pet owners.  Super Screen™ eliminates this cost.  Customers say that they can’t even see claw marks.

Resists Wind Damage & Flying Objects   Before Super Screen™ arrived, outdoor screen products only gave customers protection from bugs and insects – no protection against punctures, tears or frequent deterioration.  Super Screen™ offers much more!  Wind blown debris and falling objects just bounce off the screen.

Keeps Out Insects & Bugs   The fine mesh of Super Screen™ is superior in protecting against bugs and insects while retaining transparency.  Breezes blow through.  All else stays out!

One screen. Many uses.

Pool Cages, Patios & Porches

Without a doubt, Super Screen™ is the most advanced pool screen mesh on the market today.  Homeowners are finding that replacing screen every 3 to 5 years is no longer necessary with Super Screen™.

Tiny Insect Control

When you are plagued with tiny insects, the Super Screen™ fine mesh 17/20 weave is the absolute answer.  You get the same strength and good clear visibility as the standard 17/14 weave.

Wind Damage Control

The flexibility, tensile strength and tear resistance of Super Screen™ causes wind blown debris to bounce off.  Super Screen™ holds up to the strongest winds and even falling tree branches.

Pet Damage Control

Dogs and cats can tear normal fiberglass screen mesh to shreds.  The strength of Super Screen™ far exceeds that of fiberglass.

Pest Control

The resilience and strength of the fiber strands woven into Super Screen™ resists pests.  Super Screen™ has been proven in farming communities as the best farm netting available.  Your porch, pool area or sun room remains pest free.

Bug & Insect Control

Simply put, sunlight and breezes pass through – all else stays out.  All screen mesh will keep bugs and insects out until the screen mesh cracks or tears.  Super Screen™ will not crack, puncture or tear.

Beauty and Protection


The ultraviolet rays of the sun have virtually no affect on Super Screen™.  Mildew is non-existent.  The original luster of a new screen lasts and lasts and lasts.  Enjoy a beautiful mosquito free area year after year.


Screen Rooms, Sun Rooms & Patios

Why settle for less when it costs less for much more?  With Super Screen™ you get lasting beauty as well as incredible durability, damage control, protection and safety.


Whether it be hailstones or golf balls, window lights will remain unbroken.  Super Screen™ is far superior to any window screen material.

Garden Covers

Protect your garden from hail stones and heavy rain.  Erect a temporary or permanent frame structure above your garden.  Stretch Super Screen™ over the frame.  Heavy raindrops turn into mist and hail stones bounce away.  Enclose the perimeter of your garden with Super Screen™ and you have freedom from from plant chewing pests year after year after year.  Custom garden tarps and screen fencing with grommets on edges are available in convenient sizes.

Safety and Longevity

Golf Ball Resistant

Living adjacent to a golf course has many advantages.  However, golf balls plummeting through your pool screen or patio screen is not one of them.  Protect with Super Screen™, the industrial strength netting.

Porch & Balcony Safety

Add a valuable safety factor to any balcony or second story porch.  A well-fastened porch screen panel made with Super Screen™ mesh has been tested to hold back over 800 pounds.

New Building

Tell your contractor to use Super Screen™ mesh on porches, pool cages, lanais, etc.  It has a 10 Year Warranty and the minor difference in material expense will pay off more than 1000%.

Saves $$$ You May Never Need to Re-Screen Again!

Re-screening and fixing rips and tears is a major cost to homeowners.  Our 10 Year Warranty is your guarantee that you will never have to endure the high cost of re-screening.  Super Screen™ is nearly indestructible.  Over several years on a medium size pool enclosure, you can easily save $5,000 or more in full re-screening costs alone – not to mention all those intermediate repairs!

Tell Your Contractor You Want Super Screen™

Here’s Why   Super Screen™ creates an outdoor fabric enclosure that is superior to that of today’s fiberglass screen fabrics.  This new technology is setting a new durability standard for outdoor screen – for increased strength, stability against deterioration from exposure to the sun, and tear resistance.  Combined with a previously unavailable 10 Year Limited Warranty, you have an investment that will last and last and last with less repairs, less maintenance and big savings in potential replacement costs.

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