The last pool screen you'll ever need.

Outdoor freedom

Lifetime Value

Peace of Mind

Is your old screen not cutting it?

This is your solution.

For over a decade, Super Screen™ has been the most successful screen product of its kind for a reason.

Because Super Screen™ uses the most advanced technology available in pool, patio and outdoor mesh screen enclosures, it provides extreme toughness and long-lasting durability that is unmatched.

This is truly the screen that lasts and lasts and lasts.

Super Screen™ uses a specially formulated extrusion process that guarantees it will outlast fiberglass screen, while its advanced polymer formula defies deterioration.

Plus, the UV-tolerant properties of Super Screen™ help it to not only retain its color and strength, but also protect your home and family from the fading and flaking commonly found in fiberglass screens.

The hurricane damaged everything around our home except our pool cage that we had screened with Super Screen™. The top of the cage even held up to fallen tree branches!

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Super Screen®