screen repair suppliesMosquitoes are not only one of the most annoying pests in the world, but they’re also one of the most dangerous. Mosquitoes can harbor a number of blood-borne pathogens that put you and your family in danger, especially when skin is exposed at the poolside.

Here are some of the dangers of mosquitoes and how to avoid them from harming your family.


The dangers of mosquitoes

There are over 3,000 mosquito species ready to target you for a tasty snack. Mosquitoes harbor a number of pathogens that can harm, and even kill, some people. Here are some of the most common viruses that mosquitoes can spread should a mosquito bite you.

Though the typical mosquito bite will result in a raised, itchy bump, there’s always cause for concern if you live in a mosquito-heavy environment. Mosquitoes also bite day and night, meaning there’s no chance of a break unless you take the proper precautions against these potentially harmful pests. Here are some of the ways you can stop mosquitoes from ruining your day.


Mosquito prevention

Prevent mosquitoes from wreaking havoc on your family by using a combination of the following tactics and products:


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