How to Take Care of and Replace Your Outdoor Mesh Screen Door

Do you want to enjoy the breeze while keeping bugs out of your yard? The best way to make this happen is by investing in an outdoor mesh screen. Unfortunately, your screen will catch all the]dirt and other particles, necessitating the need for cleaning.

Ideally, outdoor mesh screens are simple to maintain as long as you don’t scratch its finish with abrasive cleaners and wire brushes. So, how do you clean the mesh screen fabric?

There are a couple of different methods to clean your bug screen door. For instance, a soft brush attachment or a simple vacuum will remove the accumulated dirt, dust, or cobwebs.

With proper care and maintenance, an outdoor mesh screen is highly durable. But with time, the display may suffer damages leading to replacements. Luckily, you can replace your screen door with a few simple tricks:

1. Get Your Measurements Right

Do you want to purchase screen mesh material for your patio door? The first step is ensuring you get the measurements right. Remember, you cannot have a one-size-fits-all type of door installation for your unique home or screen enclosure.

In most cases, the doors and their openings will come in different sizes and shapes. You have to get the best door for the job by being extensive with your measurements. If possible, do a total of six measurements on the door frame. This includes two measurements at the top, middle, and bottom of your door to ensure you’ve achieved the accurate sizes.

2. Mark Any Holes

The biggest mistake you can make when installing a bug screen for patio is misjudging the hardware. Before you drill holes and place the hardware into your door frame, double-check that the markings are accurate.

In most cases, the outdoor mesh screen door will have an installation template. Use it to ensure correct alignment of your hardware. Otherwise, if you don’t get the markings rights, you’ll need to make new drills or leave holes in your door screens. Be sure to seal any holes in your door or window screens to prevent unsightly marks and keep mosquitoes from slipping through.

3. Make Use of the Safety Chain

Before acquiring your outdoor mesh screen door, ensure it has a safety chain. The chain acts to prevent your door from overextending, which may damage or break the doorframe. It’s a small feature, but it can prevent costly payments down the line.

4. Do a Test Before the Installation Process

Before installing the screen door, ensure it functions properly. You can test this by aligning the door against the frame to check whether it can open or close properly. Sometimes, you may realize that the hardware or handles of your screen doors were damaged in transit. Such a malfunction may prevent your screen door from opening or closing.

5. Be Careful When Cutting

At times, you may realize that certain parts of your screen doors don’t fit. This can be solved with a few simple snips of the scissors, but remember: cutting your door is final. You need to make gradual cuts and test the size periodically to see whether it fits or not. You don’t want your over-sized mesh screen to become under-sized.

Installing a mesh screen door allows you to enjoy the outdoor beauty while keeping bugs at bay. As such, you need to ensure that the installation is perfect. If you’re not ready to do it yourself, you can always rely on the quality outdoor mesh screens from Super-Screen. Our team of specialists can ensure the perfect-sized door for any of our enclosures. Call today to learn more. We’d love to earn your business.