What You Need To Know About Screens And Screen Repair Supplies

screen repair supplies

screen repair suppliesChoosing outdoor screens and screen repair supplies doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Whether it’s an outdoor mesh screen or a fiberglass screen, you want to be sure you have the right screen repair supplies on hand. And if you can’t have them on hand, knowing where to get them is essential to maintaining your outdoor screen. Continue reading for more information on types of screens and their common screen repair supplies.

Outdoor Mesh Screen

One of the most common and popular types of outdoor screen is an outdoor mesh screen. Mesh screen fabric can be used as a pool cage screen or a bug screen for a patio, among many other outdoor applications. Mesh screens are commonly made from aluminum and are moderately pliable. Mesh screens like the Super Screen™, however, are designed to last for years and are easy to install and work with for many contractors. Some other benefits of screens like the Super Screen™ include:

    • Lasting durability
    • UV protective features
    • Pet and insect resistance

There are many other benefits beyond these, but being able to enjoy your time outside without being hassled by bugs is a prime feature.

Fiberglass Screens

Another common type of outdoor screen is a fiberglass screen. Fiberglass screens tend to have more visibility than aluminum screens, which are often dark and harder to see through. Fiberglass also doesn’t glare the way aluminum screens do, but it does stretch more than aluminum and it tears more easily than aluminum. Fiberglass comes in more colors compared with aluminum. If you want the benefits of fiberglass combined with the benefits of aluminum, an outdoor mesh screen like a Super Screen™ is a good call.

Screen Repair Supplies

For every human on the planet, recent figures suggest there are more than 200 million insects. That’s trillions of insects on the planet just waiting to get into your pool area. Nothing puts a damper on a blissful pool day like having insects come through a hole in your screen and having to bust out the bug spray. Keep screen repair supplies on hand to avoid having to use sprays and insecticides that are harmful to the environment. A pro tip is to have some extra material on hand, aluminum or fiberglass, so you can repair the screen quickly without having to wait for the extra mesh screen fabric to arrive.

Don’t let insects prevent you from enjoying your time outdoors. Invest in an outdoor mesh screen, like a Super Screen™, to block out UV rays, prevent insects from biting you, and enjoy your time outdoors.

How to Choose the Best Screen for Your Patio

patio screen mesh

patio screen mesh

Patios screen meshes are overwhelmingly beneficial and a must-have installation for any serious homeowner. The screens are great for protection from wind and flood debris, harmful UV radiation from the sun, privacy, and they look good on your front porch.

The most important use of outdoor screens, however, is keeping bugs like mosquitoes at bay. With over 3,000 discovered species of mosquitoes around the planet, you’re better off within the safe confines of a screen mesh when relaxing on your patio.

Most folks understand the importance of these screens for their various uses but find difficulty in choosing the right patio screen for their homes. The many different types of screens for porches that have flooded today’s market don’t help the situation either.

This article will provide some helpful pointers on how to choose the best patio screens for your house. It includes what material to choose, whether you should opt for special screens, the placement of the screens, and how best to install them.

Material is King

When it comes to selecting the best patio screen mesh for your front porch, the mesh material forms the single most vital factor in the entire selection process.

Some of the materials used include aluminum, fiberglass, and other premium metals. You can also find some pet-resistant and sun-blocking screens on the market for the right price. Fiberglass is the most popular material choice as it is relatively cheaper than all the other materials. Fiberglass screens also have excellent visibility, don’t crease, and are easier to work with.

Aluminum is stronger and more durable than fiberglass but creases easily. Most upscale buildings prefer premium metal fabric for their screens. Many contractors opt for this type of patio screen mesh when dealing with high-end clients.

Prefabricated screen panels are decorative panels premade by the manufacturer to elevate outdoor home aesthetics for the chic homeowner.

Super Screen TM is constructed with the highest quality fiberglass to ensure durability and maximum protection for years to come.

Special Window Screens

Apart from your conventional patio and pool screens, there are special screens that serve a purpose that is more utilitarian than aesthetic. The screens are stronger and more durable and offer great resistance to even the most adverse weather conditions.

Manufacturers often construct these special screens using mostly bronze since it is the least expensive material. Brass, copper, and stainless steel fetch higher prices on the market but offer more strength and longevity.

Retractable screens are specialized screens that retract seamlessly into the window head using a spring mechanism. When needed, the screen easily slides down on side-mounted guides and is secured in place by a lock at the bottom. Retractable window screens will set you back a good amount but are worth every penny.

What You Need to Do for Placing

Placing requirements will vary depending on the size of the patio and whether it has a pool or not. Screen placement usually follows after settling on the right material and type of patio screen mesh for your home.

At this point, it’s recommended to gather some measurements including the area of the space, length of material needed, and the height of your patio cover. Note that each material is cut differently so you might need extra tools depending on the material you opt for.

Hire a Professional for Installation Purposes

Choosing the best patio mesh screen doesn’t end at the store. You still have to look for qualified professionals to safely and properly install your new porch cover. Online listings are a great resource for qualified experts. You could also look for professionals around your locality or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors, just don’t go it alone.

Finally, remember that picking the right patio screen mesh could go a long way in protecting you and your family while improving the overall look of your house.