How to Make Your Backyard Safe from Mosquitoes

Pool and patio screen mesh

Spending time outdoors is one of the best parts of summer, especially if you have a sizable backyard. Swimming, cooking out, having family dinners on the patio, and having a bonfire are all great activities. These activities can become less exciting though when you’re dealing with mosquitoes. Those irritating little bugs not only make your skin itchy and buzz in your ears, but they can carry dangerous diseases.

There are ways to protect your backyard and your family from mosquitoes. With the help of these preventative measures, you can enjoy your outdoor time without worry. To keep them out of your backyard, try some of these tips.

1. Pool and Patio Screen Mesh

If you like to spend time on your patio, a good way to make it bug-free is with a patio screen. This screen encloses your patio so bugs can’t get in but still allows you to see out. You can still enjoy a nice view and the breeze without having to worry about getting poked by a mosquito. These screens are also designed to stand up to bad weather, so you don’t have to worry about any holes being punched in them during a storm.

You can also get pool screens to protect your outdoor pool. You can go swimming without worrying about bugs bothering you or getting into your water. These screens are also durable and can stand up to bad weather as well as your animals and kids. Pool and patio screen mesh should be one of your first choices for eliminating problems with mosquitoes.

2. Citronella Oil

Another great way to combat mosquitoes is with citronella oil. This is a natural substance that is known to repel bugs. It’s safe for you and your family, but mosquitoes aren’t a big fan of it. By releasing the scent of citronella into the air, you can discourage bugs from coming near the space you are occupying.

There are multiple forms of this bug protection. The one that you choose depends on where you need it and how long you need it for. One great option for patios, and even pools, is citronella torches. These let off a safe amount of scented smoke that will keep bugs away. You can also buy it in the form of candles that you can put on your patio table.

3. Mosquito Traps

You can also utilize mosquito traps to make your backyard more enjoyable. There are different kinds of traps that lure the insects in, and then kill them. This is a nice choice because it actually gets rid of the mosquitoes rather than just repelling them. You can place them on the outside of your patio or outside the pool.

This is not a guaranteed solution though, because the traps are often small and only cover certain areas. It may take multiple of these traps spread out around your yard to be truly effective.

All of the options are great for cutting back on the number of bugs you have to deal with outside. However, pool and patio screen mesh is going to be the most effective. This is because it stops the bugs from getting in altogether. You can buy this mesh with small enough holes that it will prevent mosquitoes from getting to you and your family while you try to relax this summer.