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Super Screen ®

Florida Sales and Marketing, Inc. is also a leading supplier of Aluminum Building Materials for all screening needs
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Durability Cost Saving Beauty
The polymer and polyester properties of Super Screen defy deterioration. In a similated 7 year weathering test, Super Screen ® lost only 1% of its original strength. It remained 3 times stronger than new fiberglass screen. You may never have to re-screen again!
When lead was no longer allowed to be used in screening materials, the lifetime of fiberglass screen was diminished. Fiberglass screen becomes hard and brittle within 3 to 4 years to the point that it can easily be damaged by flying objects, pets, etc.. After 4 years, a strong gust of wind can tear fiberglass to shreds.
Below is a sample of the savings you will incur when 
building a $5,000 screen enclosure

Initial Cost
New Enclosure

Re-screen Cost
4 -7 years

Re-screen Cost
8-14 years

Re-screen Cost
15 -21 years

20 Year
Total Cost
Super Screen ®
None None None $  5,600
Other Screen

Super S
creen ® outlasts fiberglass screen by 
more than 3 times!
Tell your contractor: You want Super Screen ®!
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