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Maximum protection for patio, porch and pool enclosures! Now being used extensively on new homes adjacent to golf courses. The screen that contractors choose for storm damage re-screening.
Tear and Puncture Proof: Super Screen® is a product of space age technology creating lightweight yet incredibly strong fiber strands. These strands are then woven into a screen mesh that is virtually indestructible.
Lasting Durability: Unlike fiberglass screen that becomes hard and brittle after a couple of years of exposure to sunlight, Super Screen® retains flexibility year after year. After a seven year weathering test, Super Screen® lost only 1% of its tensile strength. This alone is amazing!
Will Not Fade: The UV tolerant properties of Super Screen® reveal themselves in the form of unsurpassed color retention, longevity, and filtering characteristics. With Super Screen®, extended exposure to the sun will not result in the bleaching, flaking, and fading, like other screens  - which means it will look newer longer and save on maintenance.
Mildew Resistant: Super Screen® fabric includes a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, yielding longer lasting beauty from the fabric. No other pool screen, porch screen or patio screen can claim this.
No More Pet Damage: Repairs to screen doors, patios, pool cages and porch screens are often a continual expense to pet owners. Super Screen® eliminates this cost. Customers say that they can't even see claw marks.
Resists Wind Damage & Flying Objects: Before Super Screen® arrived, outdoor screen products only gave customers protection from bugs and insects - no protection against punctures, tears or frequent deterioration. Super Screen® offers much more! Wind blown debris and falling objects just bounce off the screen. 
Keeps Out Insects & Bugs: The fine mesh of Super Screen® is superior in protecting against bugs and insects while retaining transparency. Breezes blow through. All else stays out!

"Hurricane Charley damaged everything around our home except our pool cage that we had screened with Super Screen. The top of the cage even held up to fallen tree branches."  Mary Adams, Port Charolette, FL
"Our greenhouse caught more golf balls than the sand trap! My husband covered the top and one side with Super Screen. No more broken light panes now!" Anne Hanokin, Atlanta, GA
"We have two cats that continually tore our screen door to shreds until we re-screened with Super Screen. This product is fantastic!"  
T. Stockton, Fort Myers, FL

Tell your contractor you want Super Screen®!
Here's why: Super Screen® creates an outdoor fabric enclosure that is superior to that of today's fiberglass screen fabrics. This new technology is setting a new durability standard for outdoor screen - - for increased strength, stability against deterioration from exposure to the sun, and tear resistance. Combined with a previously unavailable Ten-Year Limited Warranty, you have an investment that will last and last - with less repairs, less maintenance and big savings in potential replacement costs. 

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The Only
Bug / Insect
Screen With A Ten Year Warranty!
A Warranty That Is
3 to 10 Times Longer Than Warranties Offered On Any Other Screen Mesh!